February 5th


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February 4th


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February 2nd

  • I'm really enjoying the discussion of audience clapping that this old Harry Connick Jr. video spawned at MetaFilter. (HCJ somehow adds a beat around :38 so the audience is clapping on 2 & 4 instead of 1 & 3.)

February 1st


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rainy sunday

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January 31st

  • A great story about transforming a public space from this consistently great podcast.

January 30th

  • A certain minimalist/latte art/feet/egg/volkswagen/ice cream cone/wood/American flag aesthetic appears on Instagram and somehow a Portland lifestyle magazine called Kinfolk is the unifying force? This is just weirdly fascinating to me.

January 29th


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January 24th

mary's peak

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January 23rd

January 22nd

  • This is Andy Baio's annual round-up of online movie piracy. This year: HD video makes leaked screeners irrelevant. "Already, with a month to go before the ceremony, 89% of this year’s nominated films have already leaked in high quality online, more than last year."
  • I had no idea that Oregon tried to keep minorities out in its early years. It's a depressing article but it's important to understand our history.

January 21st

January 17th

ghost trees

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January 11th


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1946 Fada Temple

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January 9th

January 8th

white door

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4 wheel drive

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January 7th

January 6th

January 5th

Westy about town

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