July 7th

July 6th

July 5th

Corvallis 4th of July

I posted some photos from the 4th of July parade in Corvallis.

June 27th

  • Fantastic article covering some theories about why we haven't made contact with other intelligence when the odds seem to indicate we should. [via kottke]

June 26th

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June 24th


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June 22nd

sahalie falls

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June 14th

Tie-Dye Party

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June 13th

June 9th


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June 3rd

June 1st

May 27th

  • Maciej is correct. Again. "Perhaps they didn't feel they had a say in the matter. Maybe the economic interests promoting car culture were too strong. Maybe they thought this was the inevitable price of progress."

May 24th

travel chess

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May 22nd

May 21st

May 17th

May 15th

May 14th


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May 13th


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May 11th

Faire Thyme

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Thyme Garden Pond

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