April 19th

morning sun

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hazy sunday

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April 17th

Revolution Hall

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April 12th


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April 10th



April 9th



April 7th



April 4th


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April 3rd

April 1st

Palette Extraction

I stumbled on these neat palette-extraction images and wrote a script to create my own. There's a great article with code about using k-means clustering to find the dominant colors in an image. I use that code to find the colors and then plot the circles on top. Here's an example with one of my tulip pics from last week:

tulip palette

I think these are a nice way to visualize the colors in a picture.

March 30th

blossoms & clouds

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March 29th

The Tulip Hordes

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Tulip Farm

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March 26th

playing with the new app Layout

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March 22nd


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March 21st

Circles iPhone Wallpaper

If you have an iPhone, like being reminded of HAL, and enjoy burning your retinas like I do—then this is the wallpaper for you:

iphone circles

Just bring up this post on your phone, tap one of the thumbnails below, then long-tap the full image to save it locally.

iphone thumb 11 iphone thumb 2 iphone thumb 6

I generated these with Python and matplotlib. They're a few of the frames I used to put together these animated gifs.

March 19th


I had some fun with circle patches, hue shifts, and voronoi diagrams. I feel like I'm getting closer to understanding screen savers circa 1992.

star star

March 17th

Moving Colors

These were inspired by the palettes and lines in Bridget Riley's color paintings:

riley color square 1 riley color square 2
riley color square 3 riley color square 4

If you're ok with twitchy things you can make them move.

March 15th

Ruining Riley

Bridget Riley uses color and tessellating patterns in her paintings. The colors in Nataraja, 1993 feel chaotic to me but the lines provide the harmony. I used a script to add a different kind of tessellation on top which breaks the whole thing:

riley triangles

March 14th

Eames Dots

How about three Eames chairs barely rendered as various sized dots?

PAW, 1952. DSR, 1954. And LCW, 1946.

eames dots 1

eames dots 2

eames dots 3

March 13th

March 11th

Mesh Shifts

mesh shift 0

mesh shift 90

mesh shift 180