March 10th

Ruined Crow

ruined audubon

Something about the curve of that not pipe reminded me of the curves in Audubon's birds. This ruined image started out as Audubon's American Crow, 1861.

Not Triangles

ruined magritte

March 9th


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March 8th

Ruining Rothko

After my experience ruining squares, I wondered if images of color field paintings could be ruined with triangles even with no sharply defined structure. So I tried the same thing with some images of paintings by Mark Rothko.

Here are the three I picked: No. 61 (Rust and Blue), 1953. White Over Red, 1957. And No. 46 (Black, Ochre, Red Over Red), 1957.

albers squares

And here they are ruined with Python:

ruined rothko 1

ruined rothko 2

ruined rothko 3

Living Tone

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accordion time #meinSchatz

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March 5th


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March 4th

  • Frank Chimero's Webstock talk about the edgeless, collapsing, and rearranging web: "More technology only amplifies the problems created by an abundance of it."

March 1st

coast morning

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February 28th

Yaquina Bay Bridge

flickr photo

Ruined Squares

I've been having fun lately generating triangles with Python, as you do. And the other day I stumbled across one of Josef Albers' Homage to the Square. My first thought was, "Wow, the colors." My second thought was, "Those should be triangles."

I went to Google Images and searched for Josef Albers Homage to the Square and picked three at random: Ascending, 1953. Glow, 1966. And Soft Spoken, 1969.

albers squares

Then I ruined them with computers by turning everything into triangles:

ruined square 1

ruined square 2

ruined square 3

You might want to take a look at some non-ruined versions of Homage to the Square, like Impossibles from 1931 or this one from 1967.

stars in trees

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tree blooms

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mini host

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February 26th

February 24th

waking up

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February 22nd

river rock

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river trees

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February 19th


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February 17th


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February 15th

purple morning

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