Parking in soma is so messed up. If you live in San Francisco and work in soma: for the love of god, do not drive your car to work. Take the MUNI. or CalTrain. or BART. or ride your bike. or take a cab. If you plan on visiting SF in the near future: do not take your rental car anywhere near soma, especially if you plan on going to a baseball game at the new Pac Bell park. If you work at Sega or USWeb or any one of these billions of companies down here: please get some ride-sharing going on if you can't take the MUNI. A car may be an expression of your independence and individuality, but the environment and I (and you) need a break. To the parking lots: if you're full, put up the damn sign that says so. And quit raising your rates. To the city: please put in some sidewalks and parking garages. To the delivery truck drivers: I know you have a job to do, but man it's dangerous when you snarl up traffic by taking up a lane of traffic. If you live in North Bay like me and have to drive in: don't. It's a freaking nightmare. To everyone, especially me: breathe!!
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