I went to see Aimee Mann and Michael Penn last night. She walked out on stage and performed a song. It was nice. Then Lane Becker walked on stage and sang a lovely beatle-esque tune. "How funny," I thought, "I didn't know Lane could sing." It sounded eerily like Michael Penn. Then it slowly dawned on me that this was in fact Michael Penn. During a break between songs I leaned over and whispered to Meg, "If you were to say that Micahel Penn looks like a web celebrity, who would you say that is?" Meg answered, "Lane Becker." Ev, upon overhearing our conversation said, "You're the third person to independently mention that tonight." What if Michael Penn was sick of performing and wanted to start a kick ass web company? What if Lane was romeo in black jeans? It's no myth. Then I ordered another drink.
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