On the long way home I listened to the republican national convention on NPR. I hope to see an article like this one in the paper tomorrow:

Thousands at Convention Loose Voices, Hearts

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 2 -- The screaming didn't stop today at the republican national convention in Philadelphia, and it doesn't look like it's going to. As the vice-presidential nominee took the stage, the crowd was chanting "Go Dick, Go". But what he didn't realize was that they really wanted him to go. Instead, he started his politically charged speech, lulling the audience into a partisan frenzy.

One attendee (who whished to remain anonymous) said, "I had been cheering for two days straight, and I couldn't take any more. I knew something terrible was about to happen when he started his speech." Indeed it did. His plodding speech was stopped every three words or so for a burst of frenzied screaming and noisemaking.

"He was relentless," one onlooker whispered. "The third time he said 'spin the wheel, it's time for a change' I knew my voice was ready to go. But I had to cheer. It's the thing to do." He had to cheer. It was thing to do. Now he may never speak again.

The hooting and hollaring soon turned to coughing and gasping as the vice-presidential hopeful's dramatic pauses continued. The rallying cry for the party may be alive for the moment but, according to doctors, vocal cord damage can last a lifetime. "I can't believe the GOP could abuse their delegates like this," I said to myself.

"It was fun," one woman raspingly hissed, "I can't wait to do it again in four years." Then with the last ounce of her strength she screemed, "woo! woo! woohoo! woop, woop! USA! USA! USA!" And then I passed out.

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