On the way home, I was imagining myself in 20 years, living in a dank London flat – far away from the California coast. What book could I write? I came up with several exposé possibilities. One of these titles may be coming to a bookstore near you in 2020:
  • Blogger, Buddha, and Big Ben
  • Megnut: An Abridged History
  • MetaMan: The Haughey Effect
  • What Jack Wrote
  • Beyond Beebo: Fame and Bandwidth
  • The "Evan" Strategy
  • Java and Jack Daniels: The Beat Code of Mthology
  • The Neale Problem: Real-World Solutions
I've actually been gathering material for these books for quite a while now. I have a nice little career ahead of me. (uh-oh, will this jeapordize my access to the inside scoop?)
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