I've been keeping my books page fairly up to date. I notice I've been reading lots of history lately. I picked up a few used books this weekend, and they were mostly history. I'm looking forward to A History of Private Life edited by Georges Duby. Though I won't be able to read it all at once. I've already started bouncing around in it. I wonder if hypertext and the linking nature of the Internet has changed the way I read...or if I've always read this way. Some books I do read in a linear way. I'm blazing straight through The Federalist Papers Reader (trying to better understand this crazy republican not democratic form of government). I know I can read them free on the Internet, but this book distills them down to key sections...and provides groovy commentary. It's interesting when you read them as "constitutional propoganda" (they were written to pursuade people to ratify the constitution) instead of sacred texts. Federalist No. 10 has some great stuff about the value of keeping the electorate a certain distance from the government. It's especially relevant with all of this electoral college and process and "fair" and "accurate" stuff in the news. shew, I'm rambling. It was a good break...back to work tomorrow. and so on.
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