part of a conversation from last night:

skp: you should redesign your site.
pb: why? you don't like it?
skp: well, you could give it a new, sleek look.
pb: it isn't sleek now?
skp: isn't it more old school?
pb: what do you mean by old school?
skp: well, it's been like that for a long time.
pb: true.

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I think SKP is old school -- and sassy!
I think you should cookie this info so I don't have to type my name and url for my second comment. Aside from that, this system rocks. And you should redesign, I'm sick of your old skol style! ;)
but these comments are new. so that's new school. right?
cookies, eh?
I think your old skewl design is ghetto fabulous.
Please share with me your comment system so I may pimp you out as the god you are.
Well, it's very turtleneck sweatery, "10pm but still drinking coffee and reading foreign literature". Ya know what I mean? I mean, personally I dig that goatee look but maybe you could go for something perky to excite your woman. ;)
Hey, that woman is my sister! Watch it!;-)
What a great idea that makes your blog more interactive! Kinda more like a webboard? Being held accountable to witty comments in such a public space is maybe too daunting.
Okay, I just demand that pb share the code. Okay, I realize I'm not in a position to demand that, but may I at least "strongly emplore"?
I think your site design is great and I wouldn't change a thing. I really dig the quotes DB, BTW--lots of great stuff
wait. i thought it was hip to be old school. i mean, unless you're like listening to BeeGees records or something.
It's hip to be retro, but not old skool. But if you are happy with it, why mess with a good thing?
I should add, however, that dark backgrounds can be difficult to look at for too long.
Old School is out, ghetto fabulous is IN.
Don't redesign. It's perfect just the way it is.
Don't believe the hype! Let the scoffers scoff and be damned. Black on blue with blurry pictures is the good stuff.
All the cool kids use black backgrounds.
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