loop dreams

Sometimes when I'm stressed out at work, I'll have a dream about a SQL statement that keeps returning data. It just endlessly loops through rows and rows of database records and there's no way to stop it. I had a similar dream last night; instead of a database, my mind was looping through various scenes. The most vivid scene involved a man setting up an old-fashioned silver film projector. He would then turn it on and project a 35mm film against a wall. The film was him setting up the projector a few minutes before. In another scene, I was in a brick warehouse that had been converted into a record store. I was looking at a huge advertisement hanging from the ceiling. The poster was showing a new comic book that pitted Superman against Dr. Doom. But as you may or may not know, Superman is a DC character while Dr. Doom is a Marvel character. So you can see the despair inherent in this image. There were a few other scenes that I don't quite remember now. Like a good techno song, my dreams kept oscillating between these events...forming a larger loop. Finally, I was able to break the loop by waking up. And I didn't get back to sleep for quite a while.

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