skp was mowing the backyard for the first time this year today. needless to say, the grass was a bit long after this rainy winter. As she was clearing the jungle, she noticed a brown, furry forest dweller emerge from some uncut growth. It was a California Brown Tarantula. I had no idea we had tarantulas here in North America. I thought they were some exotic tropical creature from far, far away. Anyway, it's true. They're not poisonous...and this little guy didn't seem very threatening. (other than his looks.) I found this article about them.

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This is crazy timing! While hiking yesterday, I something squashed on the trail, and it looked like a tarantula. I inspeceted it closely and discovered it was. He was dead, and curled up, and rather flat, pehaps run over by a mt. bike? Until then, I hadn't realized either that tarantulas shared Northern Californian landscapes with us.
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