It's very quiet. A little too quiet.
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It does seem like everybody got a memo to evacuate the earth, or at least stop adding anything to the Web.
shh...ixnay on the emomay. it specifically said not to post anything about it. I've said too much.
It seems that no one is posting anymore... did I not get the memo?
I saw a person on the DC Metro reading a wireless version of what appeared to be a memo. I only could make out, "...ool people don't pos...". I thinks this means "tool people don't pose", but I could be wrong.
they're evacuating the earth, because the planet will be detroyed to make way for a hyperspace bypass...

thank you for the fish, douglas.
It's Blogger, yo. Blogger's hungrier than ever and keeps eating everyone's posts while they do an upgrade. Somebody please send them some money. I've been able to post b/c I use Greymatter :P
Yes, I too became inadvertantly cool thanks to Blogger. Now back to my same old self. It may be time for home rolled log tool, so I don't have to worry about being confused for being cool.
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