more proof that the old guard is beginning to see the way the Internet is changing Journalism. "'It was like a story being reported by locusts,' Mr. Cadenhead said of the diligence of the [MetaFilter] Scooby Doos. 'They swept in and just pulled facts out of the air.'" [via matt]

This article wasn't about the evils of identity and anonymity on the web. (and it very easily could have been...a year or so ago it would have been.) Instead, it was about real people. And it was about a large group of those people connected through the web, working together to discover truth.

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I think the article is also a reflection of Katie Hafner, as she's quite tech-literate, and almost always reports for the NY Times' "Circuits" section, where the audience wouldn't really accept too much net-bashing.
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The focus of the article was wonderful as it really show the possibities of a community of real people brought together by the Web. Watching the whole episode unfold on MeFi was amazing as different prospects and ideas were proffered and examined. It was a great example of collective intelligence.
also what was great about the whole thing is that you were seeing the raw data, so you could formulate the story yourself. It wasn't packaged for you after the data was analyzed. Not everyone has time to experience stories like this, but if you're really interested in something, it's the best way.
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