riding the rails

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Train routes have names. I took the California Zephyr, one of the longest routes. It has an interesting history, and one of the books I read on the train was Zephyr: Tracking a Dream Across America by Henry Kisor. It is an amazingly relaxing way to travel.

Most of the pictures I took were out the window. Many of them have reflections and scratches and other window badness going on. I took my digital, so I didn't have a polarizing filter to help out with that. boo.

I sometimes forget that America is a big, big country. Across this vast expanse of geography are fences. I'm not sure who maintains these fences; but they are maintained. And maintained in the most remote and rugged landscapes you can imagine. There must be enough barbed wire to circle the earth. twice. The American West is a triumph of fencing.

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