A little help? I'd like to create a photo gallery based on chance. A gallery with captions and pictures. And I want to take the pictures but I don't want to make up the captions. That's where you come in. Click 'comment' below and leave a caption. I'll take several photos and pair up the captions with the pictures in the order they were taken. And I'll try not to look at the captions beforehand. This way there is a picture, a caption, and some third thing that is a combination of the two. How can you write a caption for a picture you've never seen? I'm not sure, but thanks for trying! Will the results be remotely interesting? That's chance.
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This was his last step before the accident.
I didn't think he'd do it either.
I think there's room for one more in there.
At the end of this day, I was a changed man.
And yet, it's hardly what I'd been led to believe.
Now there's something you can't do sober.
It was suddenly all so clear.
I never thought it would happen this way.
We didn't think it would fit, but it did!
How could something so terrible as this happen in this world?
He marched around endlessly hoping to make a substantial contribution to analytical geometry.
He had never wandered there before and possibly would not wander there again. But he hoped that the lessons he had learned there would help him to understand why his mother had locked him in the basement for 20 years.
In spite of it all, he still insisted that rabbits could fly.
Sometimes it's better to follow the psychic's advice.
Ceci n'est pas une photo.
If you get the green kind, it's nasty. If you get the red kind, it's good.
If it turned cold for a good spell, we hunted them for food. Otherwise, they were good company.
It seems the birds keep calling my name!? Am I going crazy?!
Thanks again everyone, I appreciate the contribution! The captions are very narrative, like we're picking up a story in the middle...like a dream. And the pictures are very ordinary. The captions definitely make them more interesting.
Where else would you find them so clean, so neatly arranged?
She closed the window, blocking out the shrill screams of the neighborhood children playing hide and go seek.
drugs arent that bad
The man did not speak often, but when he did, it was worth hearing what he had to say.
That was not news Edward Teller was likely to hide under a bushel, whatever Oppenheimer's official agenda. (...thanks, Richard Rhodes...)
President Bush illustrates his latest policy proposal.
I would love to live here.
How do I always get roped into this?
...and then he knew, with unmistakable certainty, that this was the truest time of his life. All that remained was to grab hold of the bioluminescent phytoplankton.
my all-time favorite body part
where have you been all my life?
Hello! My talking your!country Turkey
I'm Ýn Turkey...
I'm want to friend (male/famale) talking and understandt turkish
I'm sorry! Don't speaking English
Suddenly, up has become down, black white, and my hairs are standing on end.
He said true things, but called them by wrong names.
not a mindreader? oh please!
A toilet flushed, and he was free.
Photographer: 'Hey look over there!'
Girl (looks): 'Where?'
Photographer: 'Haha, got you! Monkey see, Monkey do!'
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