Pretty soon I'll be trudging through knee deep water surrounded by 1,000 ft. cliffs on either side. The Narrows in Zion National Park is supposed to be a spectacular hike. I've been doing some reading about hiking in Zion, and found it can be a bit dangerous. (We'll be very careful, Mom!)

After Zion, we plan on visiting Bryce Canyon, Arches, and/or Canyonlands National Parks. I was surprised to learn that southern Utah is home to the largest concentration of National Parks.

On our way into Colorado, we're going to try to visit the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde. Then we'll spend five days in Estes Park, with several trips into Rocky Mountain NP.

I figure I need to experience these natural wonders while I still can. ;) And I plan on taking plenty of photographs. If you have any tips for me -- or know specific sites I should see on this route -- let me know!

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Hi Paul,
You better be careful and stay together!
I talked to Clark in Colorado Springs today. He hiked two "14-er's" (peaks above 14,000 feet) yesterday. Said his knees and legs are a little stiff today.
Dad & I are thinking about leaving the evening of the 24th and driving part way so we can take a little more time on the 25th. Maybe stop at some antique places along the way.
We're getting very excited! See you soon! YLM
Trudging is right! Zion's narrows are amazing, but some of the slot canyons are even better. If you can set a repel, I highly suggest it. Repelling a few hundred feet into a pool of freezing cold water (you have to wear dry suits) is inspiring. As you sink into the water and pull detach yourself from the rope, a relatively small window of blue sky is directly above you. Makes you yell "Yeeeehaaaawwww!"
wow, that sounds great! I'm afraid I won't be doing any repelling this trip. I'll keep it in mind for next time. :)
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