Last night skp and I saw all of the Academy Award nominated short films, both animated and live action. Somehow the independent theatre in Santa Rosa got a copy of them for a week. (They accompanied ads for the shorts with, "You have no idea how special you are!") The place was completely full, and the owner of the theatre came out and spoke before the show. He said this was the smallest town to get the print and it will be sent to LA after it shows here. It was so good. Much better than last year's nominated shorts that we saw after the Oscars. My choice for best live action is The Accountant, a 35 minute dark comedy about the state of agriculture culture in our country. And a 3 1/2 minute cartoon from Pixar, For the Birds, made me laugh until I cried.

It makes me wish theatres would play shorts before the main feature. There are some great things being done under 90 minutes.

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