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I wrote a script to solve another one of my pet design peeves. And I figured, why not share it? When a new window pops-up, especially for comments on weblogs, many times there is no status bar. Then, when you mouse-over a link, you can't tell where you're going to end up if you click that link. You either have to click it and take your chances, or right-click the link and view properties to find the URL.

This new way to view URLs will save a few clicks. I created a browser extension that will set the "title" attribute of every link on the page to the value of the "href" attribute of that link. So when you mouse-over a link, like this one, you'll get a little window (similar to alt text for images) with the full URL for that link. To activate this feature on any page, you'll just need to right-click anywhere and choose "Add Link Titles" from the menu. Here's a script that will install the menu extension:

Add Link Titles Setup
(right-click, Save Target As..., then double-click to install.)

Add Link Titles screenshot
What the new context menu entry looks like.

This is for Internet Explorer on Windows machines only.
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Now that's a fine public service. Thanks!
Great idea. I have used it so many times already.
I *think* you mean that you set the HREF attribute to the TITLE attribute, rather than vice versa as it currently says.
hmm, guess it's a bit confusing. I get the value of the HREF attribute, then set the TITLE attribute equal to that value. That way the URL shows up as the title. I think adding the word "value" in there somewhere would clear it up a bit.
I edited the post. Hope that clears it up a little.
Ah yes, that makes lots of sense now. It's really useful too. Thanks!
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