Amazon is offering an XML Platform for developers so they can integrate Amazon's best-sellers into their websites. If you're an associate, log into the associate site for more info. This is an interesting step toward Amazon becoming a Web Service. They're ahead of the curve, and really understand how the Web works. I can't wait to see how they expand this.

An independent developer has already written a Perl module called Business::Associates that works with the new platform.
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Anybody got a URL for the Amazon XML Platform?
I looked for information outside of their associate site, but couldn't find anything. Not even a press release. Signing up to be an associate is free, though, so if you just want to find out more info you could join.
> I looked for information outside of their associate site, but couldn't find anything.

All the information is inside the password protected pages and you need to be an Associate to read them.

I did tell them that was a very stupid idea, but they seem concerned about having tons of detailed information and lots of example code and people using it before they announce it to the wider world.

I still think it is silly, but I guess that I'd rather have them focusing on fixing the XML stream with the missing fields than on moving their XML developers pages.

As for tools and examples, they seem to be coming along. In addition to my Business::Associates package, somebody created an example using Microsoft technologies:

I think it is a really great example: Business::Associates is probably over-engineered for many people's sites and some quick hacks will help them. (And his site has lovely colors and a few graphics which is very important: people can't read a page of plain text on the web anymore, let alone the almost 10,000 words of documentation for a package. But that's another rant.)

Anyhow: the perfectxml site mentioned above has a brief summary of the XML interface and what it does.

Hope this is useful to somebody....
Thanks for the info and the link, Allan!
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