Hey, it's Weblog BookWatch Top 10!

I thought it would be interesting to see which books are being mentioned most frequently on weblogs. Weblog BookWatch keeps track of weblogs that flow through the recently changed list at weblogs.com and searches for links to Amazon.com. Then it looks at the ISBN in the link's URL, and counts the link as a mention of that book. The most fequently mentioned books show up on the Top 10 list, with references to the weblogs that mentioned them. It's only looking for books right now (not CDs or other products), and only looking for links to Amazon.com.

Update: To answer Jason's question, yes I'm scraping Amazon to get the book information. They don't offer it through their API yet.

Thanks to weblogs.com for the great service (and for offering their list in XML). And to Amazon.com for the book info.
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yes, thanks a lot, but just like you wrote a few days ago, this would be much better with proper filters.
I agree, np, but these attempts are a start.
Thanks for a great service PB. Love your idea
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