I know the Spanish word for weblogs is bitácoras, but do any other lanuguages have their own word for weblog? And if so, what's the etymology?

I heard that bitácora roughly means captain's log. (¿diario de navegación?) I'm not much of a Spanish speaker, but looking at my Spanish-English dictionary, I'm wondering why they don't use the word corredera instead...which also seems to have a nautical connotation. I bet that's a silly question to a native Spanish speaker, but I can't find bitácora (in it's earlier sense) anywhere in my dictionary.

Update: I wish my Spanish was better. It sounds like this post on Tremendo discusses why they use that term over others, but I can't quite make it all out. The babelfish translation isn't so hot, but it helps. The origin of the word is from the latin habitaculum: a case that protects a compass. (The English equivalent is binnacle. When was the last time you heard that used in coversation?) I guess they also translated Star Trek's captain's log into bitácora...so maybe it became associated more with futuristic technology than seafaring technology. But it's interesting to think about weblogs as a tool for navigating the web—pointing the way; and the format itself as a container for those directions.
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I think it's even more interesting to think of weblogs evolving into the Captain's log. I'm picturing Patrick Stewart right-clicking on an alien and saying, "Blog This."
It's funnier to think about that...that's for sure. Although I prefer to imagine Captain Kirk: Spock. Blog. This?
A few French speakers use "joueb," a contraction of journal and web, as explained here (in English):

J in French sounds like the English J without the starting D, and "ou" is pronounced "oo."
thanks, Oliver, that sounds much more elegant than "blog".
oh, I completely missed my opportunity to use one of the best Steve Martin jokes of all time: "Those French have a different word for everything!"
bitacoras was the best translation from "log", babelfish sucks :-)

it all started when carlos tirado (tremendo) tried to give a spanish word to describe weblogs, bitacoras was a short, easy to remember word, so everybody adapted it. then i created bitacoras.net and the rest is history :-)

we also use weblog, blog and log a lot.
thanks for the info, eduardo!
The complete expresion for "captain`s log" in spanish is "cuaderno de bitácora". Actually, "bitácora" is only the furniture where the captain of a ship keeps his "notebook"(cuaderno). So, in logs, "bitácora" is used as a abbreviation of "cuaderno de bitácora".
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