Macromedia Vice President to employees: blog or you're fired. It'll be interesting to see how "the blog strategy" works out for them. Can someone sustain an interesting weblog if they're compelled to do it as part of their company's developer relations strategy?

And it seems the strategy has a few problems. Meg points out: "Passing off a 'work' site as a truly personal site when it's obviously not...can be misleading to its readers." Transparency and honesty are key pieces of personal opinion weblogs like these. Also, Matt notes that they're on the right track, but the content restrictions show they "...don't trust their employees to be human in a corporate setting."
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just a quick fyi, as this didn't come through in the article.

the blogs were driven by the community managers at macromedia, and not from upper management.

mike chambers
ahh, thanks for the clarification. That makes a difference. The VP using the term "the blog strategy" makes it sound like a top-down directive.
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