New Weblog Bookwatch Feature : Focus Links

For every book on the Weblog Bookwatch there is a corresponding mentions page. These pages show all of the weblogs that have mentioned that particular book. The new feature: now each mention will have the option of being "focused" to a specific post. By clicking on "focus this link", you'll have the opportunity to put in the permalink location for the post that discusses that book. The link will then have a star next to it on the mention page to let people know it's referring to a specific post. The link will stand out, and the Weblog Bookwatch will be a little more useful for everyone. Instead of pointing to the general weblog URL, and having to search for the mention, people can find the relevant post instantly. It requires a little bit of copying and pasting, but those focused links will probably get a bit more traffic because they'll be more useful.

If used, focusing the links should also help differentiate between people discussing the book, and those who just have it listed in their sidebar reading list.

This feature is brand new and may have a few bugs to be worked out. If you notice anything odd, let me know. It works on the honor system, so if it's abused it'll probably go away. Hopefully we can cooperate to make it work. Thanks!

Update: To get a feel for how it works, check out the mentions page for "A New Kind of Science". I went through and focused the links for several of the weblogs.
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