I looked at this site on a friend's Mac yesterday, and what I saw wasn't pretty. For some reason the stylesheet for IE isn't working the same way across platforms. If you're reading this right now on a Mac, this font shouldn't be Times, and the posts should be indented. There should also be a top margin to space the post away from the date. Please switch back to a PC. Thanks.
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Or just Mozilla. Mozilla works great.
Will not! Will not!!
(Switch, that is.)
/sends Brad 6 beers. How 'bout now?
Please switch back to a PC.

That implies that people were on a PC to begin with. Why not fix your CSS/code instead, PC boy? :)
I'll never switch back
Two things to try:

1. put single-quotes around any font-family element with a space:

.clsHeader {font-family:'gill sans mt', 'century gothic', arial, helvetica, sans-serif;}

2. DOCTYPEs. Mac MSIE generally renders unpredictably without them.
I'm using a PC but with Mozilla on Linux and whilst the main page of onfocus looks fine, this comments page is in Times with non indented posts.
It should look a little better now. I found a misplaced } in my CSS file. Thanks for the suggestions and the reports. Sorry about the "switch back" joke. I hope it doesn't degrade the PC User-Mac User relations progress we've made over the years.
(Six beers later.)

Dude, is that a Vaio in your pocket or you just tryin' to mack on me?
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