We Blog Chapter 8 Now Online!

We put up a full chapter from We Blog: Publishing Online with Weblogs on Blogroots tonight. It's a look at how businesses can use weblogs both inside and outside the organization. It includes an interview with John Robb (President of Userland) about K-Logs (knowledge management weblogs) and Sylvia Clark (a project manager at Cisco Systems) about using weblogs on an intranet. The chapter is appropriately called Using Blogs in Business.

It's fun to start sharing some of the work we've done. Like we said on the site—we're used to the quick feedback that Web publishing provides, so waiting to share longer form writing like this is something new. We'll be adding more chapters soon, and eventually the whole book will be online. We hope you'll like what you read and pick up the print version. It should be available in a few weeks.
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