I spent all day yesterday taking a sea kayaking class through Tamal Saka at Tomales Bay. We learned how to maneuver the kayaks, paddle, get in and out, and various rescue techniques. We even had a brief introduction to reading tide logs, sea charts, and navigation. Today I'm discovering sore muscles that I didn't even know I had. Practicing the rescues all day was tiring, but I'm glad I went through it. It gets the worst case scenarios out of the way, and I'll know what to do when I'm out and the kayak tips over. I had only been river rafting before, so the first time I made a "wet exit" (tipped the kayak over) the salt water was surprising. Using the gear, and learning how to steer was awkward but I can't wait to go out again. There was something amazing about being out on the bay in a boat you're controlling—paddling through waves and wind while seagulls are flying overhead and fog is rolling over the hills. And the experience can only get better with practice.
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