Rolling our own sushi

skp and I are having fun teaching ourselves how to make sushi. We started tonight with some simple vegetable rolls (or maki to use the lingo), and they were very tasty. The seaweed was a little tough though, so we need to figure out which kind to get.

skp rolling her own sushi

cucumber rolls

My favorite sushi rolls are rock-n-rolls with cooked eel, and I'd like to try that next. I have no idea where to get eel or how to cook it. It should be fun to learn.
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I think the toasted nori is what you want to get. Also, I like to make rolls with all sorts of stuff, like marinated chicken strips and of course, fake crab. Blanched green beans make a good crunchy addition as well. Another fun thing is to have a party where you provide the rice and nori and have everyone bring stips of something and then let people make their own rolls. Have them take a couple pieces of their creation and leave the rest on a communal plate for other to try.
Having been married to a Japanese for the past 20 years, I feel I am somewhat of an expert on the subject of sushi. The toasted Nori is the right stuff to use. The difficult part of sushi is getting the rice correct. You must purchase special sushi rice and get the mix of rice vinegar correct. There is a powdered sushi rice seasoning you can mix with regular rice that tastes pretty close. Here in Hawaii we find the seasoning in the oriental food section of the supermarket. On the mainland you may need to go to an oriental market. Not on the menu at the sushi bar but, try canned tuna in a roll. Mix the tuna like you would for a tuna sandwich. It's great!
Thanks for the great sushi tips! Can't wait to try them out. btw, we used this sushi rice recipe and it tasted good to us.
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