Senator Byrd on Iraq

I've been listening to the Senate debate the resolution that will authorize the President to use whatever means necessary to preemptively dismantle Iraq—in whatever way he sees fit. The debate has been spirited, and the best part has been listening to Senator Byrd from West Virginia. You can read a transcript of some of his comments, but to get the full effect, check out the MP3 of his speech on that page. This speech was only the beginning of a series of his passionate speeches about this issue. He is almost the lone voice of dissent in the Senate, and I admire his conviction. (I predict that the kids will soon be trading political speeches on Kazaa.)

btw, if you're interested in listening to the Senate debate this issue, check your local NPR radio station. The Bay Area NPR station (KQED) has been preempting their regular programming to air the audio of the debates when they're happening. For some reason, CSPAN doesn't seem to be covering it.
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