SQL Server and XML

A few months ago I knew that SQL Server had some XML features built-in, but hadn't yet taken the time to look under the hood to figure it all out. (And the MS docs leave something to be desired.) Then I got a chance to be a technical reviewer for a book called SQL Server 2000 XML Distilled. I came up to speed very quickly as I read about the thinking behind the XML features and tested all of the example code. The book is out now, and I just got a copy in the mail the other day. It looks great, and I'm looking forward to re-reading it in its final form; and having it handy as a reference.

The book has nine authors, and I was one of thirteen technical reviewers. I'm amazed that projects with that many distributed people involved can work out so well, but the folks at Curlingstone are on top of things. The only drawback was the schedule. Curlingstone is located in Scotland, and the reviewed chapters were always due on their Monday morning (my Sunday night, around 1am). Being a procrastinator, I had some late Sunday nights as I finished going through chapters.
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