Sebastopol Bagels

I'm a big fan of bagels for breakfast. Toasted, with cream cheese. A month or so ago we stayed with some friends in Sebastopol, and they were making bagels for breakfast. Toasting. Great. Cream cheese. Great. But they were also slicing tomatoes. Wha? Tomatoes? On a bagel? For breakfast? It seemed like insanity. Then I tried it. Since that day, I've added tomato slices whenever I have a bagel for breakfast. I call them Sebastopol Bagels.
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all you're missing now is the lox... yummy
I think there should be a different word for what people on the west coast consider to be "bagels".
We're just expanding what bagels can be. It's the democratization of bagels...wrestling the concept free from the grips of east coast bagel tyranny.
Wow... I guess I'll have to try bagels that way...
Hey, thanks! That sounds great.
East coast bagels are the only bagels.

All other bagels are insignificant.

West coast bagels are inferior.

All hail the East Coast Brooklyn Bagel.
bagels want to be free.
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