Feeder 0.1 (Alpha)

Feeder 0.1

In my continuing quest to prove you can do more with Windows scripts than nightly file backups, I wrote a simple RSS reader with WSH. It stores a list of feeds in a tab-delimited file, and grabs/transforms them on the fly with the MS-XML-parser and an XSL stylesheet. It will only work on Windows 2000 or XP, and you probably need the latest parser (4.0) and latest Scripting Host (5.6). (If you're using IE 6, most likely you already have these installed.) It might work with earlier versions anyway, though. It's extremely simple and doesn't have any features beyond adding/removing feeds and reading them as HTML. I wrote it for my own use and figured someone else might like it too. I got a huge head-start on the all-RSS-flavors XSL file at this page.

Download: Feeder 0.1 (Alpha)

To install just download the zip, create a folder at c:\feeder\, and unzip the contents to that directory. Double-click feeder.vbs, and you should be off and running. If you want to change the install location, just edit the first few lines of feeder.vbs to match your setup.
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