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A quick search turned up some more Oregon-based weblogs: And these were already on my reading list:
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Hey! I think theres a PDX/Yahoo group of bloggers with about 40 members. I can look up the url if you want.
I have an Oregon-based weblog (foldedspace.org) that's been around for a couple years now. Checking my archives, I see that Sunday will mark the two-year mark...

I've been lurking on your site for a while now; I enjoy your weblog.
Thanks for the tip, Rob. Here's the URL:


I'm in Corvallis, so I'd like to find a group that's closer to home. But it's good to know there are plenty of bloggers around here.
Don't forget Steve (http://www.whatdoesnotchange.org/ ) who put together Portland Stories: http://www.portlandstories.org/
Wow, a blogger co-creator? That rocks. I'm just a mouthy newbie who only recently discovered blogging. I'll link you on the Oregon blog...

I am about 45 minutes from you. :)
I'm an Oregonian in Salem and write a web log on "Ideas Worth Sharing," my own and others'. I love coming to your blog to get away from words and into photos. Maybe someday I'll start a photo blog myself.
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