Peace Movement

Protest marches and peace vigils continued for the 3rd day in many places yesterday. It seems like there were even more people involved overall and far fewer arrests. I think that says something about the majority of people involved in the peace movement. Of course, that also means there's even less coverage in the media. Here are some local stories about San Francisco (1) (2), Portland, Fresno CA, Ithaca NY, Ft. Collins CO, Houston, TX.

Jason has great photos of Satuday's march in NYC. And Kevin Burton has shots from San Francisco's rally. And there are pictures from Saturday at Portland Communique.

There should be a central Trackback-blog so people could consolodate their independent coverage of vigils and protests in their area. I think most peace rallies are, well, peaceful, and that doesn't make good news. But I bet there are still plenty of people interested in what's going on out there...especially in their hometowns. For example, here's a scene from Friday's "Stand for Peace" here in Corvallis:

Corvallis Peace People

If you have words or pictures from peace demonstrations in your area, feel free to post them here.
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have you seen yet?
Yep, I think is great. The weblog authors linked from that site are not all writing about peace movements in their area, though. I had an aggregation service in mind that collects links to specific coverage...not necessarily links to weblogs. is something I just set up specifically for the purpose using topicexchange - let's see if it does what you'd expect it to with a little work.
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