Onfocus : WAP Version

If you have a cell phone with a WAP browser and you point it toward onfocus.com, you'll probably get a WAP version of this site. I've had this up for a while, but I haven't said anything about it because there's not much there. When you browse here with a phone you get a few choices:
  1. Latest Post
  2. 5 Recent Posts
  3. Bookwatch
  4. Random Quote
That's it for now. The book titles in the Bookwatch link to the Amazon WAP page for that book. Eventually I'd like to add the latest mophos for WAP browsers that support color images. (I just realized I could do this for phones that send an HTTP_PROFILE header and announce their graphics ability. Here's the profile for my phone model.) I put this together so I could start to learn about WML and building WAP applications. WAP is the future, ya know. ;)
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