Niagra Falls

Meg has a great idea for revitalizing tourism to Niagra Falls. Another way to improve tourism would be scheduling "natural flow" days at different times of the year where they open the dam a bit and bring the water flow back to its pre-dam volume. It would be a spectacular sight to see. In fact, people are trying to restore the flow. (Though I'm not sure how actively, because that page is out of date.) They could also go the other way and have "no flow" days where they let people see the rocks underneath the falls. (They did this once for research.) Though both of these may take away from the fact that Niagra Falls is a "natural" wonder because people would see firsthand that we control the amount of water rushing over the edge. Of course the least desirable option is to let Pfizer rename the falls for millions of dollars. It's only a one-letter difference—changing the signs would be easy.
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