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Amazon didn't really let people know how to add feeds to their newsreader so I whipped up a page that can get you started: Amazon RSS Feed Builder. You can build Book, DVD, or CD feeds with this little tool. Just choose a category or enter a keyword and you'll get the URL for the feed. Then you can copy the feed URL and paste it into your newsreader. If the RSS looks good (ie. has items), you should also get a preview of the feed so you can see what's in it. The feed builder hasn't been tested too much so let me know if you run into problems.

Here are some RSS feed URLs I built with this tool (that I'll be monitoring): Try it out: Amazon RSS Feed Builder.

Update: The feed preview is a bit sketchy—so even if it says there aren't any items, check the feed manually to see if that's true.
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Are the movie showtimes on Amazon accessible by RSS? Messing around with urls, I can get a keyword search for theatrical titles:

and a form of the Now Showing page:

but I can't figure out getting the actual showtimes in the feed.
Nice work on finding the theatrical mode, it's undocumented afaik! They don't offer the showtimes via web services; so you can't create an RSS feed with this method. The closest you can come is writing a script to scrape the times, create the feed, and run it as a cron job.

You can always lobby the AWS team to add it, though. Movie showtimes are perfect for RSS.
btw, I truncated your URLs with (Please the visit the URL to see how he changed the mode= value to "theatrical")
Fantastic, media geeks everywhere are singing your praises.
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