Hacking the RSS Hack

Several people have mentioned that it would be nice to show the newest products in the Amazon RSS feeds rather than the top-selling products. There's a quick hack to make this happen. Build a feed with the Amazon RSS Feed Builder like normal, click "get feed", and note the local onfocus.com URL for the resulting page in your browser's address bar. The last bit of the URL should be %2Bsalesrank. Highlight this text, change it to +daterank, and hit enter. When the page reloads, you'll have your RSS feed URL sorted by product release date.

Note that the RSS feed description will still say "Up-to-date listings of Amazon.com's top items (by Sales Rank)", even though it's sorted by date. This is a function of Amazon's stylesheet that's transforming the AWS response—this phrase is hard-coded.

Kinda kludgy, but it works! I set up some feeds to watch for new books by publishers I like. I'll see if I can work sorting choices into the interface when I get some time.
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