Vancouver -- The Novel

sk and I went to a reading tonight at Grassroots Bookstore by David Cruise & Alison Griffiths. They're husband and wife, Canadian, non-fiction authors, and they've just finished their first joint work of historic fiction called Vancouver. (It's so new it's not even available in Canada yet.) Of course the reading piqued our interest since we were just there. The turnout for the reading was small, and ended up being more of a conversation than a presentation. They talked about some of their methods for writing, and their painstaking research. The novel is made up of 12 different characters, spanning from pre-history to current day, that all encounter the area that is now Vancouver. We ended up talking about present-day Vancouver—comparing and contrasting with other cities in the US and Canada. They're going to be at Annie Blooms in Portland tomorrow. And here's a review of the book in the Seattle Times.
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