Six Log Interview

Anil Dash asked me some great questions and I tried to answer them. You can read me mouthing off about weblogs, journalism, scripting, Amazon Hacks, and where permalinks come from in the first Six Log Interview.

There's a TypePad-specific Amazon Hack (that isn't in the book) on the way...but you should still buy Amazon Hacks to get all of the hacky goodness. ;)
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Can I be the uncle once-removed of the permalink?
Only if Anil says it's ok. ;)
Great interview, Mr. Bausch. I just sent you an invitation (to the hotmail addy) to be on our online radio show. Would like to talk with you for a few sometime in October if you are available.
Thanks for the invitation TDavid. I'll be talking with you via email.
I loved the bit about "Pyra was an atmosphere of ideas." I think that's the best description of what we had and built, so much more meaningful than 'company' and certainly better than some 'dot-com' label. I always want my work to take place in an atmosphere of ideas, but unfortunately, I've found that's really pretty rare.
Matt is the BlogThis link's baby daddy.
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