Hacks in the Sun-Times

There's a fun article about the Hacks Series in the Chicago Sun-Times: 'Hack' books a big boost to long-suffering geek culture. Mr. Ihnakto sums up the meaning of the series well: "The books pay homage to the spirit that the word 'hack,' enjoyed before it was co-opted by malevolent idiots: a 'hack' is what happens when sublime understanding of a concept allows you to do something wholly wonderful and unexpected with a technology."

There's even a mention of Amazon Hacks after some good-natured ribbing. (Wal-Mart and Burger King Hacks? Come on! Everyone knows McDonald's has the tech-friendly wireless networks. ;) "...it's good stuff if you're unaware of the community aspects of Amazon users, or are looking for ways to integrate Amazon content into your Web site."
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