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I've been thinking epinions should embrace weblogs (+metadata) since 1999. David Galbraith recently makes the case much better than I did. I still believe sites that rely on users for content will have to realize that people want to publish in their own space. I think it will be up to weblog tool makers to make these integrations happen seamlessly (with metadata, probably). Amazon reviews, I'm looking at you. Friendster and Ryze could be the "about" pages for weblogs. Until people can contribute to group spaces like Friendster or Amazon without any extra effort, weblogs will continue to suck users' contributed thoughts away like a vacuum. I think as soon as a mechanism exists for aggregating reviews, personal identity info, buddy lists, items for sale, etc—centralized content services won't be needed.
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Not quite the same thing, but Biz Stone ( http://www.bizstone.com ) experimented a while back with a sideblog ( http://www.sideblog.com ) powered micro blog in his epinions profile ( http://www.epinions.com/user-bizstone/show_~View_Profile ).
This is trippy--I wrote about the same thing yesterday.
Right on brother. Maybe you can convince Meg and the Lafayette project to support the concept of OpenReviews - as well.
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