Holiday Weekend Wrap-up

Catching up...
  • I spent four days offline and without touching a computer—it was good.
  • Today is World AIDS Day. Check out the Link and Think participants to see what the weblog world is saying about the day.
  • I watched the documentary on the Winged Migration DVD about how they filmed the birds. It was great to see, but I'm not sure "imprinting" birds so you can film them in flight is ethical. (Imprinting is raising birds to think a human is their parent/flight leader.)
  • I observed Buy Nothing Day on Friday, but went shopping on Saturday and Sunday.
  • It's not so much the Christmas songs that suck, it's the versions that stores play.
  • In any case, Santa Baby should not be (or have been) recorded or played by anyone, ever.
  • For Thanksgiving sk and I made chocolate carmel walnut things.
  • Putting together a puzzle is like giving yourself a temporary obsessive-compulsive disorder.
chocolate carmel walnut things

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"chocolate carmel walnut things"

hmm, we don't call them turtles. But maybe that's the name. These are a piece of carmel smashed between two walnut halves...then the whole thing is dipped in chocolate.
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