PSA: Fix Amazon Wish List Links

Public Service Announcement: If you link to your Amazon Wish List on your site, you may need to change that link. I've noticed that standard Wish List links are not working lately—but you won't know whether or not it's working if you have the Amazon cookie. For example, when I click on this link in my browser on my computer:
I see my Wish List. But if I click on that link in another browser (with no Amazon cookie, or a different cookie), I see a generic Wish List page. And more importantly, so will anyone else clicking the link. To link directly to your Wish List so others can see it, change wishlist in the URL to registry, like so:
Now the URL will point to my Wish List no matter what, and everyone can buy me stuff! Test out your own Wish List link yourself with various browsers (especially one without an Amazon cookie) to make sure you have a good link. (Note: The o in the URLs above is a shortcut for exec/obidos—just one of the many hints you'll find in Amazon Hacks. ;) )
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I stumbled across a post in the AWS discussion boards that basically said this was the officially good way to do a wishlist link (because it also includes your associates tag):[ASSOCIATETAG]
Thanks for the tip, Ben!

(Note that I added a line break to his example URL to save my inflexible design, but there shouldn't be one. It's a URL, after all.)
I guess another point to throw in would that you might want to escape the ampersand characters as well, if you're into that sort of thing.
I can't even search on amazon for my wishlist and find it anymore (I never did have it linked anywhere). do you have a hack for that????
correction: I can search using the "find a wish list" link, but not by using the form in the sidebar.
Thank you very much!!
Hi rebecca, as far as I know the "find a wish list" form is the only one that will search for Wish Lists. They aren't included in the main search form on the Amazon front page, or any product searches. Just to be sure your Wish List is available to searchers, click "Edit Info" under "Wish List Information", and be sure that the "Keep my Wish List searchable" option is checked.
Thanks very much; this has been boggling me for ages! :)
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