SXSW cont.

Just to add to that last post, I met Michael for the first time at SXSW last year. I had just moved to Oregon a few months earlier and found out that he only lived about 45 minutes away. I couldn't believe that I hadn't read his weblog before, and I was disappointed that there wasn't a good way to find weblog authors in my geographic area. (This was pre-geourl, or in its early days anyway.) And I left SXSW wanting to put together a directory for Oregon weblogs. ORblogs was an IU from SXSW 2003 because it has been great getting to know local bloggers as the site has progressed. I have to agree that the intangible inspiration I leave with (maybe it's a creativity contact high) is an important part of SXSW to me.

It'd be interesting to see how many domain names owned by SXSW-attendees were registered in mid to late March.
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