Kucinich in Corvallis

Saturday night sk and I went to hear Dennis Kucinich speak at the Old World Deli here in Corvallis. I hadn't heard more than a couple soundbites from him on TV before, so I didn't really know what to expect. I was very impressed with his message, his speaking ability, and the way he related to the crowd. Here are a few photos from the talk:

Dennis Kucinich in Corvallis

Even though Kerry is the party's foregone conclusion, Kucinich explained that he's still in the race to try to get the Democratic party to adopt a more progressive platform. If Kucinich wins one or two states at the end of the primary, (Oregon votes late on May 18th) it could impact the positions Kerry has to take to win the election. His speech was energizing and it was great to hear a national politician taking positions that I believe in. It was also surprising to me to be in a crowded room full of people with similar views. You mean I'm not the only one?

Here's a local story about the event: Kucinich rallies Demos in Corvallis.
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