Reuters content tracker Reuters launches content tracker: "Reuters has announced the launch of a new software system that will allow it to monitor the web for re-publication and copyright infringement of its news content." bloggers, you have been warned. Reuters is going to make sure your fair use is actually fair. A good rule of thumb: don't copy and paste an entire article into your weblog. Just quote relevant sections. (Photos may be a different story, I don't know.) They're also going to use this system to track the popularity of Reuters stories—which will most likely be a private system. It'd be nice to see a Reuterdex with pointers to weblogs citing Reuters articles, but that's not very likely. I bet there will be more and more private, specialized weblog-tracking tools. (And more people willing to pay for that data.)
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Reuters is going to find out just exactly what a lot of people think of their reporting. tee. hee.
Reuters updated me on its policy with weblogs: seems fair enough...see here:
Then again, it will have and incredible market reporting tool, as well as a mood watch: what people like what are the reactions to stories, what are the most read issues.
And yes, marketing content to the bloggers as a way to improve presence must be high on their mind.
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