spring redesign

I did a bit of spring redesigning around here, so things look slightly different. There's a new photo thing on the righthand side, and the most recent photos I've posted under that. With this new ability to post just to the sidebar, you can expect to see a nonstop barrage of pet photos. There are a bunch of other goodies in the righthand sidebar now too. Even though there's more info on the page, the byte size of the page went down because everything is *knock on wood* valid XHTML. (Which means no tables! Some of the new image stuff means more bytes downloaded, though.) I really like the way matt shows images as div backgrounds on his site, so I'm overusing that on this site now.

I checked out the site in most of the big time browsers, and if something looks out of place in your browser please let me know. I know I haven't touched all of the pages that need to be changed yet, so I still have some work to do.
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Can't go wrong with more pet photos! Post away!
Yes, pet photos are keen. Especially cat photos. (I like the one you've got up right now.) Why are some of us such suckers for pet photos?
How about using shortened month name in the archives link minefield instead of the month number? 'Aug 2003' is much more easily readable than '08/2003' - especially for people like me who can't count...
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