Barbara Ehrenreich in Corvallis

I sure have been derelict in my blogging duty lately. If I had been keeping up, I would have mentioned that sk and I went to see Barbara Ehrenreich speak at OSU last Thursday (sort of). The LaSells Stewart auditorium was so packed when we got there, that we had to watch on a screen in an overflow room (which was also crowded). Barbara Ehrenreich is the author of Nickel and Dimed about the working poor in America. She's also written nine other books, and I heard Fear of Falling mentioned a few times that night. She had a lot of great things to say on a wide range of topics, especially about the plight of people at the lower end of our economy. One figure that stuck out: an employee working in the trenches at Wal-Mart would have to work 5,000 years to make what a top-level Wal-Mart executive makes in just one year.
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