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I went for a hike with some friends along the "Trail of Ten Falls" at Silver Falls State Park on Saturday. The best part was being able to hike behind some of the falls. Here are a bunch of photos:

Silver Falls Photos (click for more)
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Matt got a great, misty running-water effect in this photo of South Falls on his site. I was pushing my camera's exposure time in manual mode, but I still didn't get as nice an effect as that. I think a neutral density filter may help.
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Did you guys bring a tripod?
Nope, it was all hand-held.
A picture really doesn't do it justice, does it? Silver Falls really shows you the power of the environment. Sometimes when I hear the loud roar of the water connecting with water, I imagine being stuck underneath. It's frightening because it's so powerful.
Nope, the pictures aren't anything next to being there. I thought about taking a movie of the falls with my camera, but by the time the sound was recorded with the tiny microphone and sent through tiny computer speakers, most of the experience would be lost. The sound is the most impressive part of big waterfalls like these.
Hey PB, if it's handheld, I'm not sure if an ND filter will help. Camera-shake will set in anyway.
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