Moon Picture / Hacks Book

I took some photos of the moon tonight:

moon photo

I had help with the exposure settings from Hack #96: Shoot The Moon in Digital Photography Hacks. I know I'm biased because I put together a book in the Hacks series, but I really found this book entertaining and useful (read most of it tonight). Unlike most Hacks books it has full color, glossy pages and is filled with illustrations. I don't know if it's because I'm used to the Hacks format—or because I'm the target market—but I feel like I got more practical advice from this photography book than any other I own. I wish there would have been more web/photography stuff (EXIF parsing, programatic resizing, etc.) but I realize this is a book for photographers, not coders.

I'm not happy with this level of detail in the photo, and I'd like to get an adapter so I can hook my camera to my telescope. I want to see craters in my moon photos. (Here's a picture of the moon I took in 2002 by holding my camera up to the telescope eyepiece. The adapter should work better.)