Me and Boris

The article about weblogs was in the paper this weekend, Adventures in blogging: "Hundreds of people know that Paul Bausch has a dog named Luna, likes photography and technology, and went for a hike at Silver Creek Falls a couple weeks ago. He told them all about it without ever leaving his home in Corvallis."

On the local weblogs front, I got an email from the laboratory of Dr. Boris Thinky announcing his new weblog: Thinkum: The Boris Blog. (Another great Bigha production.) They're giving away gmail accounts over there.

Further on the local weblogs front, I helped Julie Flanery put up a website for her dog training business: Wonder Dogs. We've been working with her to train Luna, and it's amazing to watch Julie in action with dogs. She started a weblog as part of her site, Wonder Dogs News & Updates.
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